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  • Herman Miller Ethospace Workstation (6' x 8' x 54"H)

    Herman Miller Ethospace Workstation (6' x 8' x 54"H)


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    <p>Pre-owned Herman Miller Ethospace 6’ x 8' x 54"H workstations: pre-owned 54"H fabric spine, wings and aisle ends. Pre-owned marker tiles at top and middle position on workstation interior, pre-owned grooved tiles in bottom position on workstation interior, pre-owned full-height fabric tiles with frosted glass tiles on exterior of workstations; Pre-owned 24"D work surfaces.</p>

    <p>Includes: (1) mobile BF pedestal with cushion, and (1) storage tower per seat.</p>

    <p>Fabric Tiles/Panels: Thatch - Sycamore (5Q03) and Metallic Silver (MS) Rail Tiles.</p>

    <p>Frame Trim and Raceways: Herman Miller Metallic Silver (MS). </p>

    <p>Surfaces: Ash Woodgrain Laminate Finish (LA). </p>

    <p>Metal storage: (1) Metallic Silver (MS) Wardrobe Tower and (1) Metallic Silver (MS) Box/File Pedestal with Quilty-Squash (6S05) cushion top. </p>

    <p>National power provided down the spine of each workstation, (2) duplex receptacles provided per station. Base feeds (i.e. whips) to connect workstations to building’s power priced separately. Workstation power to be connected to base of building by client's electrician. Pricing based on drawing dated 08.25.16</p>

    <p>Electrical feeds (whips) to connect workstations to building power. Whip measures 6’ from entry point at workstation to connection point to building power.</p>

    <p>*Actual pricing based on 4-pack typical configuration. Additional costs apply for delivery, installation and space planning.</p>